Hi my name is pedro.

some words about me.

I'm a young entrepreneur, aiming to create unique products and services that will provide a better life experience for all of us.

"Because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do".

my skills.

Team Management
Goal Oriented


Born in the 90´s, the oldest of 6. Had my first job, as a guitar teacher, when I was 14 years old, and never stopped since then. At the age of 22, with 4 companies, I decided to drop out law school, where I was studying, in order to stay fully committed to my businesses.

do what you love.

Although I´m a huge fan of learning, there are somethings that you just won´t learn at school. I was wasting my time pretending to like something that adds no bricks to the house I´m trying to build. At this time I´m not studying, but I learn every single day.

keep hustling.

The only possible way to have something done is doing it. In the past 5 years I learn that it´s possible to do things. It´s possible to be young and still run a profitable company. As sayd by Garry Vee, you just have to stop crying and keep hustling.

ready to go.

Read, learn, listen to who knows more than you and put yourself to work.Time is something that you won´t have forever, so be sure that yours is applied on really valuable things. I´m always open to great projects and ideas, so hit me if you have one!

latest work.

some recent projects.

Here's what I've been doing for the past years.



O Balão

Think Different

Beat Balls

Soie Blanche

Cowork Campolide



O urinol que é arte

Em que medida pode um urinol ser arte? Porque razão um urinol há de ser menos arte que um Picasso? Foi esta problemática que levou muitos artistas, no século XX, a expor obras como uma cama por fazer.
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Ir à escola para limitar a criatividade?

Em vez de estimular o nosso potencial criativo, somos levados a deixá-lo cada vez mais de parte à medida que se avança no percurso escolar. E se fosse diferente?
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Mãe, afinal não vou para a faculdade

E se eu quiser ser outra coisa? E se não me enquadro em nenhum dos cursos? E se não encontro na faculdade a ferramenta que preciso? Foi o meu caso, por isso deixei meia licenciatura por fazer.
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get in touch.

Wanna grab a beer and have a chat? Feel free to say hi.


+351 915 261 743

Lisboa, Portugal


Cowork Campolide is a cowork space in Lisbon, made by young entrepreneurs for young entrepreneurs.


Musicasa is an online platform that connects music teachers with anyone that wants to learn how to play an instrument.


O Balão is an innovative project that helps you to know if you are in proper conditions to drive after a night where you probably drunk more than you should.


Thinks Different in an holding company created to manage the shares of Musicasa, O Balão and Soie blanche.


Beat Balls is a company that organizes all kinds of activities related to Bubble Football, in Lisbon and Oporto.


Soie Blanche is a B2B company, focused on developing premium custom crochet ties.


Importrust is a car purchase consulting company, with a major focus on importation.